Hearing & Vision Screening for Children at 4M Hospitals 

Healthy hearing and vision are crucial for a child’s overall development and academic success. 

At 4M Hospitals, the child ENT specialist in Chennai understands the significance of early detection and intervention for hearing and vision impairments in children.

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At 4M Hospitals, we offer comprehensive hearing and vision screening services for children of all ages.  

Comprehensive Screening Services at 4M Hospitals: 


Hearing Screening: The child ENT specialist in Chennai conducts hearing screenings using  age-appropriate techniques and tools to assess a child’s auditory health.

Vision Screening: Our vision screenings at the hearing & vision screening centre in Chennai assess a child’s visual acuity, eye alignment, and overall eye health.

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Role of Early Intervention:  If a problem is detected during screening, our team at the hearing & vision screening centre in Mogappair collaborates with parents and specialists to develop individualized intervention plans.

Hearing Aids or Assistive Listening Devices: For children with hearing loss, hearing aids or assistive listening devices may be recommended to improve auditory perception and facilitate effective communication. 

Vision Therapy: In cases of amblyopia or other visual challenges, vision therapy may be prescribed.

Supportive Services: We provide referrals and collaborate with specialists, such as audiologists, ophthalmologists, and vision therapists, to ensure comprehensive care for children with hearing and vision impairments.

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Hearing and vision screening at 4M Hospitals plays a vital role in promoting children’s sensory health and overall well-being.

By offering comprehensive screening services, detecting potential impairments early, and providing timely interventions, the child ENT specialist in Chennai ensures that children receive the necessary support to optimize their hearing and vision. 

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