Dr. Shyam Sundar

M.D. Paediatrics
Dr. Shyam sundar | 4M Hospital

About Dr. Shyam Sundar

Dr. R. Shyam Sundar is a dedicated and hardworking Pediatrician with a strong commitment to excellence. He is enthusiastic about starting his career in a position that fosters mutual growth and benefits, providing a learning environment to enhance his knowledge and personal growth. Driven to deliver exceptional care and services to children, he actively listens to parents and caregivers’ concerns and focuses on the overall well-being of children.


  • M.D. Pediatrics: May 2020 - May 2023
  • Institute of Child Health (Madras Medical College), Chennai
  • MBBS: August 2013 - March 2019
  • Karpaga Vinayaga Institute of Medical Science, Maduranthagam

Fellowships Awarded

  • Received the Best Poster award twice at the 46th Annual Conference, Madurai Pedion 2022.
  • Published an E-journal at TN MGR University.
  • Published a case report in Indian Pediatrics (IPCares).
  • Completed a dissertation on Drug-Induced Liver Injury following Anti-Tuberculosis Treatment (ATT).
  • Presented at clinical society meetings at the Institute of Child Health.
  • Presented at City Pediatrics meet.
  • First prize in IAP Genetic Quiz and second prize in IAP Vaccinology quiz in 2023.
  • Participated in state and national CME (Continuing Medical Education) programs.



● Ascitic and pleural tapping. ● Peritoneal dialysis. ● Lumbar puncture. ● Chest drain (ICD). ● UVC (Umbilical Venous Catheter). ● Peripheral line securing. ● Central venous access. ● Dialysis. ● Post-cardiac surgery care.